I admit it. I'm a 45 year old adult and I have a WebKinz. My then-six year old daughter received a WebKinz for Christmas in 2007 and soon I had to have one for myself. For the record, my wife and four year old son also have WebKinz.

In January 2008 I adopted a LilKinz penguin and named him Opus T. Penguin, namesake of the star of the 1980s comic strip Bloom County.

Opus finally received a companion in April 2008 when a female polar bear named Snowball moved in. Snowbell birth to a daughter Snowbelle that December.

The household doubled on Fathers Day 2008 when the wife and kids got me two more WebKinz: A seal named Sammi (short for Samantha) and a Samoyed named Blizzard. Blizzard has the distinction of getting a sore throat on his first day in the house.

Over that summer, my wife and I gave eachother a Webkinz as humour wedding anniversary gifts. Thus a Himalayan cat named Hilde joined the group.

For my birthday in late 2008, I received Ollie the Otter and two Saint Bernards for Chrimstas a pair of Saint Bernanrds: Bernard and his daughter Bernadette

I have a theme of animals that live in colder climates.

Since adopting Opus, I've developed some tip sheets based on my findings while playing in Webkinz World.

When going on the Gem Hunt in Arte's Curio Shop, certain gems can only be found in certain mines. Thus I came up with a map to the gems.

While cooking in the kitchen, I discovered some recipes online. However, I was more interested in what I could make with a given set of ingredients. However, I wanted to avoid gak, gunk and blech were to be avoided as much as hospital food in the real world. Thus the recipes I discovered have been put into a searchable cook book. I am adding pictures of the finished products as I test the recipes.

Being that I grew up in the real world with vegetable gardens, I decided to add this to my virtual world. Not only do I save money not having to buy vegetables at the W-Shop, I can also given them away or make money selling them back to the W-Shop if I have an abundance. Thus I created a guide to farm fresh vegetables.

On May 14 2008, I found the final gem needed for my first WebKinz Crown of Wonder. Here we see Queen Snowball aboard her mobile throne skateboard wearing the Crown of Wonder. So far th only other family member to succeed at earning a Crwn of Wonder has been my daughter. I'm partway towards Crown Number 2.

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