Match Game is a contest sponsored by JQ99, a Christian Music radio station in Zeeland, Michigan. It is played like the children's game Memory and the television game show Concentration. Below is the 0 square grid.

Audio files are also available of each play

While I listen when I can, I cannot always tune in for every play so some information below was provided by other "Match Game Maniacs" on the chat room portion of JQ99's website. I will try to update the board every night if not after every play.

You can listen online to JQ99 but only with Windows Media Player.

A printable version of just the game board that you can take with you!

This edition of Match Game began on Tuesday, November 30, 1999 and ended on Tuesday, November 30, 1999.

Cheat sheet last updated on Wednesday, December 31, 1969 7:00 PM

Game is not currently being played

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This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by JQ99. It is provided as an online tool for those who are playing the station's Match Game contest.