The Interurban was a streetcar line that ran through Holland in the late 1800s. The map below was created by combining old maps with GPS technology to show where the Interurban tracks were in today's world. Green lines indicate where the right of way is still visible. Red lines show the approximate former locations of the tracks (no artifacts remain to confirm location). Thin lines indicate areas on private property. Thick lines are on public property.

  • Plat maps in the Holland Museum Archives (Holland Historial Trust)
  • Plat maps in the local history section of Herick District Library
  • "The Interurban Era in Holland, Michigan: to Macatawa, Saugatuck, Zeeland, Vriesland, Jamestown, Jenison, Grandville, Grand Rapids" by Don Van Reken. Self published 1981(no longer in print)
Special Thanks To:
  • Paul Essenburg, long time Holland resident
  • Jerrud Heuring, co-worker with an interest in local history
  • Caz Jung, archivist at Holland Museum
  • Brad Kiekintveld, local history buff
  • Ann Prins, retired local history/genealogy specialist at Herrick District Library
  • Ron and Alyce Prins, my parents and long time Holland residents.
  • Amanda Toppen, my fiance who has been super supportive of this crazy idea
  • Ward Walkotten, local history buff and fellow computer nut

Without the combination of the above, this project would have never become reality at the level that it is.