Date Reported Cases Reported Deaths Spreadsheet Cases Spreadsheet Deaths

The media's "new" numbers appear to be determined by simply subtracting the difference between two consecutive day's reported numbers for total cases and total deaths. However, the daily spreadsheets use the date where a person began experiencing COVID-19 symptons.

To create this list, where possible, I looked up daily postings to Facebook that several of the local TV stations had made, which gave each days "new" numbers. The Wikipedia article COVID-19 pandemic in Michigan was then used to fill in any gaps back to early March, 2020.

Beginning September 6, 2020, the state no longer issued daily numbers on Sundays. Numbers were not released on November 26, 2020 (Thanksgiving), December 24 abd 25 (Christmas Eve and Day) or December 31 and January 1 (New Year's Eve and Day).